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In the exercise of the Right of Admission, which the owners of hotel establishments have, regulated in Decree 86/2013 (articles 47 and 49), at any time, they may expel from the hotel establishment or not give access to:

  1. People who want to gain access when the maximum authorized capacity has already been reached or the opening hours of the establishment have been fulfilled.
  2. People who manifest violent attitudes or who publicly incite hatred, violence or discrimination based on birth, race, sex, religion, opinion, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity or any other social or personal condition or circumstance and, in particular, those who behave aggressively or cause altercations outside or at the entrance and those who carry weapons or objects that can be used as such.
  3. People who show symptoms of drunkenness or who are consuming drugs or narcotic substances or show symptoms of having consumed them.
  4. People who do not meet the minimum age required, in accordance with current regulations, unless they are accompanied by their parents or legal guardian.
  5. People who require a service that the establishment does not provide for their stay at the hotel.
  6. Persons who do not comply with the dress standards required in each case by the hotel staff for each event or area of the hotel.
  7. People who use the pools outside the established hours.
  8. People who bring animals into the hotel without the written permission of the management, except for people with functional diversity.
  9. People who cause altercations, noise, damage to the hotel facilities, attitudes contrary to the health and cleanliness of the establishment and, in general, people who do not comply with the instructions of the hotel staff regarding decorum, good neighbourliness and any other indication.
  10. Users must leave the room when they do not pay or when the time specified in the reservation expires, unless another agreement is reached with the hotel.
  11. Users who practice ’balconing’.

Any person who is in the establishment, under the conditions described above, may be expelled by the owner of the establishment or his representative, at any time; the assistance of Security Services or Law Enforcement Bodies may be required.