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Opening Hours

Winter → 10:00 am  to 05:30 pm

Summer→ 10:00 am  to 06:30 pm


We have two pool areas: 

Floor 0 where the children´s pool and two adults pools are located  (one non heated)

Floor 6 where the only-adults pool and the clearly defined nudist areas are located. The use of this area is exclusive for people over 18 years old. 


Upon arrival, you will receive a card at reception to exchange for pool towels at the kiosk located on 0 floor. 

Please, do not leave your towels at the kiosk if the person responsible to collect them is not present. If you wish, outside the before mentioned schedule you can leave your towels at reception. 

Remember to return the card or towels to reception on the day of your departure, the non-return will have a fine of  20€ per towel. 

It is not allowed to reserve the sunbeds; we will remove towels or any other personal objects that are deposited on them and leave them unattended for this purpose

The use of diapers is mandatory as long as the children have access to the pool

Please do not bring glass or food to the Pools and Solarium area. 

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